Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chess 960

I have just played my first chess960 games on chesscube. I must say it was fun. I won a bunch in a row but then lost several to finish up the session. The random placement of the pieces was disconcerting at first but knowing my opponent was in the same prediciment made me feel somewhat better. It was somewhat like being driven blindfold to an unknown location and then trying to find your way home or at least finding your way to something that looks familiar. All the positions reached during the game were completely new and the mates were unique and somewhat amusing.

I haven't played much chess lately due to a very hectic work schedule. My company always does it's budget in August and it means long days and working weekends for much of the month. Another reason might have been chess burn-out. After playing in the Canadian Open I didn't have much interest for several weeks. I think the chess bug is coming back though, as I am now I thinking about events I might want to enter. The Medicine Hat Open looks very interesting and also The Alberta Open and WBX event are appealing.

My kids have recently shown interest in chess again, especially my daughter. On Monday we had to make a trip into Edmonton for an appointment and I put them in a half-day of the week long chess camp that is going on this week. I hope they continue to show interst.