Monday, August 23, 2010

Answers to the Chess Challenge

I hoped to get more guesses, but anyway, here are the answers.

Late last year I emailed some old opponents to try to recover some of my lost games. The first game was one of three I recieved from Peter MacKean.  Peter is a doctor who moved to PEI in the 80's and instantly became the highest rated player in the province by 300 points.  I was able to take a half point this game and it might have been the firt time I did that against someone over 2000.  The year was 1988.


Game 2 was a recent game.  I happened to be in Edmonton on Thursday and played a round of their "Summer Open".  I was paired against Robert Richards and was able to pull in the full point.


The third game was also sent by Peter Mackean.  It was a win he had against GM Paul Keres in a simul!  His comments are included.

Keres-MacKean 1975.pgn

Game 1 ½–½ White__B__ Black __E__ decade_80_
Game 2  0-1  White__C__ Black __B__ decade_10_
Game 3  0-1  White_GM_ Black __E__ decade_70_

I guess Jamin gets the prize for being the closest, even though he labelled a famous GM a "C" player.