Tuesday, March 13, 2012

John Chess in Edmonton

I was in Edmonton on the weekend for a family activity and stopped by the Chess Club on Saturday afternoon.  I knew there was a sectional tournament going on and I thought I could see some of the action and maybe catch a few fun games. 

It was unfortunate that only 6 players joined the tournament so there was only 1 section and it had quite a range of skill from 1500'ss to 2300's.  Harris Wang was the organizer and his young brother Richard was the favorite and won with 5/5.

I managed to get 4 fun games in.  2 against Wayne ? which I won quite easily and then 2 against George Sponga who had a break between rounds.  I won the first on a tactic after dropping a pawn and in the second I again dropped a pawn but managed to win it back and got a good position until I dropped whole piece.  I managed to push my outside pawn to a threatening position and somehow won the game.

The position was something like this when Black played ...Rh2+ and after Rh4 I managed to trade rooks and win.  Black could still have sacrificed his Rook for the pawn and probably drawn with something like Rf2-f8