Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not much to say

I see I haven't posted anything this month so I figured I would make this one short post.

I haven't played any chess lately and I haven't progressed any farther in my reading of Silman's Reassess Your Chess. Unfortunately we received bad news from relatives in the Philippines and so more important family issues have been my focus for the time being.

Today, though, I did get a chance to quickly go over the 3 games played in the world championship between Anand and Topolov. Very interesting so far. I am rooting for Anand but I must admit that I think Topolov will prevail. It was nice to see Anand recover from his poor first game loss with a strong second game win and a solid third game draw.

I see that Anand has won the fourth game with white. I was watching live from White's 20th move. After 22.Ng4 I tried to analyse the sac on h6 but of course I could not see if it was winning but I was pretty sure there must be at least a draw. Diagram shows position after 22...Rad8.  Anand followed up with 23.Nxh6 and finished the game in style.

The over/under 1800 tournament is this weekend in Edmonton. I have no interest in playing, especially since I have dropped below 1800. I would be the highest rated player in the group and therefore have to psych myself up every game to play someone lower rated which I would find very difficult. I predict the winners will not even be teenagers in both sections!