Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random "Deep Thoughts"

GM Kevin Spraggett, Canada's greatest player ever, is currently playing in an open tournament in San Sebastian, Spain. So far he has 3.5/4 points. Although he is now a controversial character in Canadian chess, back when I first started playing tournament chess, he was one of my chess heroes. It was exciting to read En Passant every two months and seeing his exploits as he tore through the North American tournament schedule and also through several cycles of the candidate tournaments. I noticed his second round opponent this week was WIM Silje Bjerke of Norway whom I played right here in Lloydminster at the BATB. Here is their game. My game against Silje can be found in a previous blog entry.


The Alberta championship and reserve is this weekend. It's a shame Eric Hansen and IM Proper are not playing this year. With their absence, I predict Pechenkin will win the championship. Although I would like to play in the reserve, I am just so tierd of travel and hotels. Since Jan it seems like every weekend I am travelling all over the praries. Three hockey tournaments, two swimming competitions, three schoolastic chess tournaments, Dr appointments, and work travel have taken me back and forth between Edmonton, Saskatoon, St. Paul, St Walburg, and Fort McMurray. A weekend at home sounds great now.

My next tournament might be a sectional in Edmonton or maybe the Saskatchewan Open if it is going to happen in April or maybe not for a while.

ps I'm on page 142 of Reassess Your Chess. Slow going but I'm almost half way through.

To be continued... got to go eat

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Active/Rapid Games

The only remotely serious games I've played in over 6 months has been a handful of active games. Jamin in preparation for his Dragon Themed Tournament this weekend asked if I wanted to play a couple of games last week. I gladly obliged. Although I lost all the games, when I looked over them this week I don't think I played horrible. Here there are for your enjoyment or scorn. Jamin had requested I not post them before the tournament to keep his preparation hidden from Keith so I did. I did run into Keith at the Saskatoon regional’s and he asked me which line we played (the Re8 or Nc4). I replied evasively that I played the a6 line without mentioning Jamin's moves.

Game 1 - White


Game 2 - Black


Game 3 - White


I will also post the 2 Active games I played in Edmonton last month just for completness since I belive they will be rated.