Thursday, September 13, 2012

Medicine Hat Open

I am playing in the Med Hat Open this weekend.  So far it looks like a small turnout but maybe there will be some last minute entry's.   I will post my games here ASAP.

I also plan to post the last two games I played in my last tourney against experts. I have looked at them and there is something to learn from both games. I was too willing to accept a draw in the first game and tried to force a draw in the second rather than looking for the best move

I other Alberta chess news there has been 2 big developments.  First Richard Wang achieved the IM title at the Canadian Zonal and then Eric Hansen achieved the GM title at the Chess Olympiad!
A couple of years ago I had a poll on my blog "Which Albertan will be the 1st to become a GM" and my candidates were Edward Proper, Eric Hansen, and Richard Wang.  My personal opinion at the time was that it all depended on Eric. While Edward is certainly capable of producing a GM norm, Eric was already as strong as Edward and had youth on his side. If he continued to work on his chess he was a good bet to get the title.  If Eric stop playing, then the young prodigy Richard is almost a sure bet to get the GM title - barring of course a loss of interest in the game.