Monday, May 9, 2011

Canadian Championship

Some quick notes:

After 6 rounds Eric Hansen is leading the Canadion Championship with 5/6!  Keep it up Eric and bring back the trophy.

The candidate matches are also under way but I must admit that without Calsen or Nakamura I don't have much interest.

In my last post, I talked about posting an analysis of a game I played in the Calgary New Year Open - but obviously I haven't done that.  My excuss is that it's not that interesting a game anyway.

Chaisson - Borwski.pgn

I also played in the Northern Alberta Open in Feb and I haven't analysed or posted those games either.  I went into that tourney knowing that I would skip the final game.  My first game was against Keith McKinnon (2351) and I was beaten fairly easily.  Next I defeated Richard Roberts (1388).  Then I had a good draw with Richard Pua (1982) where I was worse but managed to get into a better position and almost win.  My final game was  a disappointing loss to Jim Daniluk (2035) where I sacrificed a pawn for an attack but then chickened out.  That's what was disappointing.

MacKinnon - Chaisson.pgn

Chaisson - Roberts.pgn

Pua - Chaisson.pgn

Chaisson - Daniluk.pgn

I have no idea when I will play another OTB game.