Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jamin Gluckie Match : Part I

Game 1

A titanic back and forth struggle. Jamin surprised me with his opening and made any preparation I had done moot. I missed a bishop move in the late opening that cost me a pawn. After taking a long time I came up with a good plan to fight back. I managed to equalize and actually had an advantage for a brief time. Jamin fought back and regained the advantage. It came down to a Queens and pawns ending that I think I should of been able to draw but I made a beginner mistake when I allowed him to trade Queens.

I played 53. Qf4?? and let him trade queens into a won ending. Argh... My only explanation for this horrible move is that it had come down to 2 mins on both of our clocks and I don't seem to play very well in time pressure. I'll post more of the game later.

Game 2

A very disappointing game. The only good thing about it was that I managed to surprise Jamin by playing the Dutch. He's never seen me play this before, mainly because I never played it in anything other than a blitz game online. I quickly lost my way in the opening when Jamin didn't follow the same line he played in the Canadian Open. I was hallucinating some phantom counter tactical move and walked into dropping a piece. I didn't want to lose in less than 25 moves so I played another 10 moves before I resigned. I don't really want to post anything from this game because I don't think there much to learn from it but this was my last chance to save the piece with a6 but instead I played 13. O-O-O??

At this moment I'm still planning on playing in the Med Hat Open this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I think that ending would be very hard to hold even without qf4, especially considering the time trouble. by the way, are you coming to the hat?

TerryC said...

After looking at an endgame book it appears Keith is right. With all pawns on one wing, the extra pawn gives excellent winning chances. I thought that with 53.Qg5 Black would have difficulty improving his position or forcing an exchange to a winning endgame.