Sunday, December 7, 2008

Edmonton Jr Tournament

Just got back from the X-mas Jr tournament in Edmonton. Both my kids decided they wanted to play this weekend but it was a close call. One flipped a coin to decide and the other was influenced by the guaranteed door prize. They were both very rusty, not having played since last April, but both did OK and I don't think they will lose any rating points.

I've been wondering if I been doing the best things I can to help them improve. Should I show them openings, endgames, or tactics? Should I try to teach them in a formal way or encourage them to play online. I know I shouldn't tell them to play each other because that causes nothing but problems. Whenever I do try to show them something I'm not sure if I am doing it effectively. I always thought teaching would be an easy thing to do (you know, "those who can, do; those who can't, teach") but now I realize that teaching requires a special set of skills and a lot of patience. Plus, the best teaching only occurs when there is a corresponding strong desire to learn.

Random Chess Predictions:
1.FIDE will change the qualifications once again before the next world champion is decided.
2. The CFC will continue to alienate a large number of it's members no matter what they do.
3. Canada's next Olympiad team could be much stronger if GMs Nakamura, Spraggett, and Kovalyov are eligible and willing to play, but that won't happen.
4. E4 Effort will win the WBX Team tournament in Edmonton next weekend, even though another team with an IM and underrated juniors joined today. Board winners as follows
Board 1 winner IM Proper followed by Sasata and Hansen (he didn't get a IM title for nothing)
Board 2 winner Jamin Gluckie followed by Me (not me but Me, because I won't be there)
Board 3 Peter Thompson followed by Zeggelaar (both teams have stacked board 3)


Jamin said...

I've learned over the years that Sasata should never be underestimated. What I didn't know is the same can be said for Tyler Janzen.

TerryC said...

I just read through four different versions of the WBX event; Vlad's, Keith's, Eric's and Jamin's. Sounds like it was a great event. I was almost on a team with Eric and Tyler but my rating was a little high and then I was unavailable. Too bad, I would have enjoyed being on team with Eric as I expect him to continue to gain titles.

As for my predictions, I thought they were very good.
Overall I picked the winning team.
Board 2: I was right on. It was the easy one for me. Jamin has been playing exceptionally well lately and Me has to be underrated as he is still young and hasn't played many rated games.
Board 1: I originally was going to pick Sasata over Hansen (which was a tough choice)but when IM Proper joined I was lured by the shinny title. I should have stuck with my original idea.
Board 3 was the hardest to handicap so I went with the two highest rated players but I wouldn't have been surprised if an underrated junior won it. Instead I was surprised by an underrated janzen.