Friday, January 16, 2009

Chess in 2009

As the new year is a couple of weeks old, I figured I would blog on my chess plans for the year and my chess predictions for the year.

Possible Tournaments:

January 2-4 Schleinich Memorial Calgary
= Had time off but it was too cold and I had no desire to play
Jan 24 - 25 Saskatchewan Open Saskatoon
- Preregistrared. 50% chance
Jan 31 - Feb 1 Trumpeter Classic Grande Prairie
- Not Likely
Feb 16 Regional Chess Challange St. Albert
- If the Kids want to play.
Feb 28-March 1 Northern Alberta Open Edmonton
- Conflicts with a special family day
March 14-15 March of Kings Cal
- Not Likely
April 4-5 Lethbridge Open Lethbridge
- Not Likely
April 10-12 Alberta Closed/Reserves Cal
- Not Likely
April 18 Alberta Chess Challenge Finals Edm
- Kids might play if they qualify again
May 14-18 Calgary International Open Cal
- Not Likely
June 6 Alberta Active Championship Cal
- Not Likely
June 27-28 Battle at the Border Lloydminster
- Conflicts with a special family day but might play a few rounds.
July 11-19 2009 Canadian Open Edm
- Would love to play
September 6-7 Over/Under 1800 Cal
- Would only consider if I'm over 1800 at the time
September 19-20 Medicine Hat Open Med Hat
- Plan to play again this year
October 10-12 Alberta Open Edm
- Maybe
November 21-22 Southern Alberta Open Cal
- Not Likely
December 19-20 WBX Tournament (part of EICF) Edm
- Maybe

2009 Predictions

Anand will retain his World title throughout the year.

Magnus Carlsen will be the highest rated player in the world by the end of the year.

Topolov will beat Kamsky in the Challenger match.

Ivanchuk will win the Canadian Open (I don't even know if he's playing).

Kevin Spraggett will end the year once again as Canada's highest rated player. I hope he plays in the Canadian Open.

The CFC will lose money again this year, but only a small amount compared to the USCF.

Robert Sasata will finally lose a rated game. Looks like he hasn't lost in two years.

Eric Hansen will be an IM by the end of the year and will be Alberta champion again, if he enters.

Keith MacKinnon will win the Saskatchewan Open.

I will finally beat someone higher rated than me.


Anonymous said...

about keith winning sask open, hmmm :p

TerryC said...

Keith is my pick
Who else is there?
Jamin has been playing very well lately so he has a chance.
Micah is always tough.
Roy can beat anyone on any game, but also can be inconsistant.
It will definitely be one of these four but my pick is still Keith in a five round tournament.

I still don't know if I will play but maybe I can be a spoiler for one of the favorites.