Monday, February 16, 2009

Chess Schedule Update

Today we decided not to travel to Edmonton for the schoolastic regional chess tournament. Last weekend we went to Edm. for a kids chess tournament and two days ago we had to go to edmonton to pick up relatives at the airport so I was tired of the travel, plus the kids were not that eager to play. They have not been playing at home at all and when they enter a tournament thay have not done as well as they expected and have been disapointed. I'm not sure it's fair to enter them in tournaments if they have not been practicing.

When were were in Edm on Saturday I played one round in the John chess casual tournament against Rob McCullough. It was a Kings Indian Defense where I was lucky when he missed a strong Nb5 that would have won my c7 pawn and instead played Ne4. After that I was able to build up a strong kingide attack and win with a Queen and rook attack along the open h file. The kids also played and lost their games against stronger players than they are used to playing.

I am now planning on playing in the March of Kings tournament in Calgary next month. It coincides with a business trip that I can extend over the weekend. Unfortunately the Northern Alberta Open is still not likely for me but I will make a prediction of the results when I know the participants but right now I'm leaning toward Sasata to defend his title.

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