Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Although I've been trying to blog on a regular basis and want to include more games, sometimes it's hard when you don't play and have nothing new to say about chess. But today I do have something because I played my first ever game against Rybka. I haven't played a game for a while but I didn't feel rusty because I have been looking at problems daily. It was a 5 min game and unbelievably I could have drawn if I had spent a little more time on my 26th or 27th move. Blacks 24th move was an error that should have cost Black the win.


The first time I played against Fritz10 I won and was very happy about that until I realized I had reduced it's strength to 2000. I must of done that to Rybka by accident - or it just made a mistake capturing on b2 w/Queen.

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