Saturday, February 13, 2010

Active Chess in Edmonton

I was in Edmonton this weekend and figured I would play a couple of Saturday afternoon active games.  I did not know that the Edmonton Chess Club was now CFC rating their Saturday games.  If I had known, I might not have bothered.  The CFC active ratings are so unrepresentative of strength that they are a joke and I have been avoiding CFC active tournaments on principle.  As an example from the CFC Top Alberta Active List; 19 Eric Hansen 1924?, 36 Thomas Kaminski 1756?, 43 Terry Chaisson 1715.  Since I was already there, I went ahead and played.

Both my games were loaded with terrible blunders on my part.  Missing one or two move replys, and even thinking I won a piece and not noticing an opponent's Night was protectiong his Bishop.  I did win the first game and draw the second but they were games that I shoud have won easily.  I doubt that I will ever post them, not because there is nothing to learn from them, but because I am embarassed by my mistakes.

I have been very busy with family commitments and work related issues lately so I have not played much and I am still stuck in the middle of Part IV of "Reassess Your Chess". 


Anonymous said...

My CFC active rating is in the 1300's!

TerryC said...

Wow, I didn't look at Sask players. I would hate to have to play you knowing that you were 1000 pts underrated.