Sunday, March 21, 2010

Active/Rapid Games

The only remotely serious games I've played in over 6 months has been a handful of active games. Jamin in preparation for his Dragon Themed Tournament this weekend asked if I wanted to play a couple of games last week. I gladly obliged. Although I lost all the games, when I looked over them this week I don't think I played horrible. Here there are for your enjoyment or scorn. Jamin had requested I not post them before the tournament to keep his preparation hidden from Keith so I did. I did run into Keith at the Saskatoon regional’s and he asked me which line we played (the Re8 or Nc4). I replied evasively that I played the a6 line without mentioning Jamin's moves.

Game 1 - White


Game 2 - Black


Game 3 - White


I will also post the 2 Active games I played in Edmonton last month just for completness since I belive they will be rated.




Jamin said...

Hi Terry,

Here are some comments on your annotations from the first game we played.

After spending some time with Rybka in the line where black accepts the two pawn sacrifice (after h4, h5, g4, hxg4 h5, Nxh5 etc), even though its initial instinct is to give black an advantage, the position is far from clear. Because of that I'd hesitate to give 14...b5 a question mark simply because Ryka prefers hxg4. Having said that, there is no doubt that 14...hxg4 is the critical try (see the game Polgar-Kaidanov from their recent Sicilian Match).

When I played 14...b5 I played it with the understanding that white should not play g4 with a black knight on e5 because of the b5 idea when white can't take on b5 due to the f3 weakness. This is the main positional idea with the move 11...Ne5. What I failed to realize was that this positional idea goes out the window after the moves h4 and h5 have been inserted.

I don't think 28...Rxc1 should be awarded with a question mark. Sure, Rybka prefers Qc6, but what is the point of that move? To grab the f3 pawn? Rxc1 maintains the initiative and leads to a position that may be equal (the Rybka I use says black has a slight advantage of .44 of a pawn), but due to white's weakened king's position, I'd take black any day. FYI, you didn't resign after 29...Rxb3+. You first played 30.Ka1 and after I played 30...Qa7 you resigned as mate is unavoidable.

TerryC said...

Hi Jamin

All my analysis was done in the balcony of the swimming pool while waiting for my daughter to finish her Syncro Swimming Class. As a result, it was done rather quickly and relied heavily on the on-the-fly computer analysis. If I let the computer think longer I'm sure the evaluations would change.

I too, was suprised when Rybka disliked 14...b5 and 28...Rxc1 because those were the moves I expected you to play.

I guess I also relied too heavily on my memory. Maybe I did play Ka1, but in my defense, when I made the move I had already resigned in my mind.