Sunday, September 5, 2010

Battle at the Border Underway

The first four rounds are complete.  Two more to go tomorrow.  A very exciting tournament so far.  GM's Nakamura and Charbanneau are the stars of the tournament and met in round four in a very strange game.  You can go to the great tournament website here and see the games.  Surprisingly Pascal won!

I had a loss and a win yesterday and another loss and then a win today.  Yo-yo effect in full force so far, but tomorrow my first game is against someone close to my level.  Yesterday I didn't play great but with the large rating differences it probably didn't change my results.  I overlooked a move against Rob Gardner (2309) then beat an unrated kid (Fraser McLeod). 

My game against Rob reached this position in the opening.
Here I played 9.h5?? overlooking the simple 9...Nxe4! 
I cannot retake the N on e4 due to mate after Qxa2

I'm pleased with my games today as I played a strong game in a loss against a Brad Willis (2130) and then ground out an endgame to a win against underrated junior Nigel Reynoldson (1309).

When I have more time I will post my games and some more info and pics.

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