Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Second Sober Thought (Edm Intl)

On second sober thought I find that I was very lucky to end up with 2.5/5 points.  I probably only deserved 0.5.

In game 1 the position where I thought I might win was as follows with white to play:

I played 36. a5 and instantly regretted it as I gave up the a5-e1 diagonal.  36. Bf2 is better but it does not win.  It should hold the draw easier.

Later on in the game I completely lost concentration and played 50. Rxd3 missing the fact I would lose my bishop.

Instead 50. Kxf7 d2 51. Bxd2 Bxd2 52. a6 offers the best chance.

In game 2 against Jamil we had the following position:

I played 20. Nc1?? because I didn't even see the discovered check after 20...c4.  20 Be3 was needed.

Later on Jamil lost after making some small mistakes and then blundering with 39...Qc8??  
which loses the Knight to 40. Qf2+.  I didn't deserve half a point let alone a win.

In game 3 I was just outplayed and lost.

In game 4 I was lost most of the game.  In the following position white could sac the Knight on f5 and mate will follow.

Fortunately white didn't pull the trigger for the next 3 moves and I somehow untangled myself and counter attack with my queen.   34. Ng3? Be8 35. Re7? Qd8 36.Rb7? Qc8 37.Ra7? Qc1.  Somehow I equalized the position and then happily forced a draw.  I never noticed that at the end I had a win available after 64 Nb2??

I played 65. Ra7 Rb3 but missed the simple 66.Ba3! winning the exchange.  Instead I played Be7 and offered a draw after my next move.

Game 5 was probably the most disappointing for me.  My opponent played an incorrect tactic in the opening on move 18 and I was winning.  Over the next 66 moves I must have blown my win with bad moves about 6 times but luckily my opponent played worse.

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