Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Edmonton International - Side Event #2 - Lazaro Bruzon Simul

Lazaro Bruzon of Cuba is the highest rated player in the International tournament, just ahead of Nigel Short by a few points.  Twenty-two players took on the challenge of trying to take a point from the grandmaster.

Early in the opening phase.  (notice the high rated spectator)

Nigel Short strolling around the boards.

I make my move 7...Ngf6


...after a few seconds...

...and he replies


My game.  I noted the time of every move.  You can see the first moves took about 4 min for Lazaro to make it around the room.  Then it was up to 15 min and as players dropped out he was coming around every minute or two.

When I finished there was one game remaining.  They placed a clock with 10 minutes next to the board and the game continued. The young junior Lenard Grossman lasted the longest but he quickly lost a piece and was down to a lone king within minutes.

The last game to finish.

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