Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friendly Games

Last night I Jamin and I got together for some quick games at BP's. I really enjoy these types of games, where you get to try out different things with no risk. It makes me long for a local chess club where that could be a weekly occurrence. There used to be a club here in Lloyd but it died off before I returned to playing chess. I did stop by the club twice when it was in operation and once played in simul against Dr Gibney and Kay Deshanse who played alternating moves. The simul was to raise interest in the club and I remember I played a KID and managed to get the lone win when Dr Gibney made an error in a drawn position. Maybe if I would have joined the club at that time I could have helped keep it alive but I had other activities on Thursday nights and didn't have the same addiction to chess that I have now.

I guess if I really need that kind of weekly over the board stimulation I should just pull up my britches and restart the club myself. I have thought about doing just that over the last year but I always come up with excuses not to do it. I think I am just scared of the commitment required because know from previous experience how much work that is. I keep hoping someone else will get the ball rolling and then I will jump in and help out.

As for the games we played last night, they were 15 min games with 3 sec increments. I played badly in the first game and lost quickly, then we had two draws - one of which was a blown win by Jamin, then I lost the last two games - one of which was a blown win by me. I got to play some new openings and enjoyed the evening.

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