Monday, July 13, 2009

Canadian Open - Day 3

I had a hard time going to sleep last night after my game, wondering how I let it slip away and to make matters worse today I realized that I wasn't in time trouble during the game like I thought. The time control is 40 moves/90min then another 30 min for the game with 30 sec increments. I thought it was game in 90 min with increments. If I realized that last night I would have not rushed my queen exchange and might of won instead of drawn.

Today for me started with swimming with the kids at McEwan Colledge and shopping at Kingsway Mall. After that I was able to take in GM Mark Bluvshtein's lecture on endgames. I really enjoyed it. The annual AGM of the CFC started today also but although I was curious what would happen I didn't take that in.

Some of the top boards

Shirov won over Piasetski but Pechenkin managed to draw Adams!

Hansen beat MacKinnon for the seventh straight time.

Kovalyov beat Haynes.

I played Zhonlin Huang, a young kid who played much better than his rating (1515) or age would indicate. I made a mistake when I tried to force something on move 32. I saw the correct reply right after I made my move, but luckily he did not, and I was able to win a pawn and then converted the bishop vs. knight endgame.

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