Friday, July 17, 2009

Canadian Open - Day 7

Another quick game today but unlike yesterday this one was not in my favour. My opponent was Brad Willis (2072). I prepared all day to play the Sicilian but he opened with 1.d4. I didn't play the opening very well and had to give my self doubled isolated 'e' pawns but my position still looked very drawable. We reached a critical point but I didn't give it the time it deserved, plus I completely miscalculated a fairly simple position. I probably could have saved the game if I gave up my N for two passed pawns but instead I saved my N but gave him 3 passed pawns that were unstoppable. Right now I have no idea what I was thinking for those several moves and I'm very disappointed in my play. My performance during the whole tournament has been less than I hoped.

The top board tonight saw maybe the most important game so far. The French Defense of the sole leader, GM Ganguly, was demolished by Shirov.

GM Adams defeated GM Zhao to join Shirov at the lead.
Board 2 saw a draw between GM Ni and Kovalyov.

Canada's GM Bluvshtein defeated FM Panjwani and Alberta's IM Proper defeated GM Mikhalevski to also join the leaders at 6/7.

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