Thursday, July 16, 2009

Canadian Open - Day 6

The day was supposed to start with a trip to the Klondike Days Parade with the family but I slept in, and then with the traffic and parking problems plus not knowing my way around the city we never made it. I was not too disappointed as I hate standing around watching parades anyway, but I think I will have some making up to do. It was nice to finally have a good night of sleep.

Today I was paired with Philip Santelices (1629). I played 1.d4 and was pretty happy with the way the opening went. He traded his 'c' pawn for my 'd' pawn and then I was able to apply pressure down the 'd' file. After 14...b4 we reached the following position and I saw that if I traded of on b4 and then took the Night on f6 I could ignore the pin and play 17.Nd5! He played 17...BxQd2 and made the game easy for me but if he took the N with 17...exd5 I would have a very strong position and his pawns would be horrible.

Other games this evening include:

Alberta's IM Proper on board 1 vs. GM Shirov.

Sask's Keith MacKinnon on board 7 vs. GM Zhoa.

China's Ni vs. Canada's GM Bluvshtein.

My game ended early tonight so I don't know any results. Here is Cheif Arbitrator Vlad and Alberta's True "Road Warrior" Roy Yearwood. Notice Vlad is wearing his own jacket today.

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